Brian Leor Frankel

"Identify potential, seek out value."

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Brain Leor Frankel is an international marketing consultant and technology professional committed to increasing profitability. 

Frankel’s ability to interpret business marketing at a macro level, has enabled him to increase bottom lines in the Finance, Technology, Advertising, and Publishing sectors. Known for implementing marketing systems focused on sustainable growth, Frankel designs conversion funnels resulting in long-term revenue increases. Utilizing his extensive network, Frankel advises U.S. business’ on expanding into Dubai markets.

In 2012 Frankel founded Mentor Matchmaker, a two pronged approach to connecting professionals. Corporations hire Frankel to build mentor programs in-house, boosting employee productivity and advancing careers. The nonprofit sector of Mentor Matchmaker works with survivors of sex trafficking and inner city youth, to teach workforce development skills. 

Frankel’s experience marketing and executing campaigns for Forbes 500 companies makes him a sought-after keynote speaker, most recently featured at TiE Dubai, SXSW, UCLA, American University of Sharjah and the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan.

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