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Our unique approach to marketing:

There are three differentiators that make us unique. Our core strength is ignition. Our ability to execute a campaign, with your team’s buy-in, reveals results faster than our competition. This strength comes from our experience in tech entrepreneurship. We understand time is money, first to market advantage, where to make every dollar count and how to engage complacent employees.

Our ability to identify the potential overlooked in your market and within your organization is unrivaled. This comes from our experience working with Fortune 1000 companies, tech startups, nonprofits and trend hunting for CAA. From pharmacovigilance to legal startups to pop culture publishing, we have implemented campaigns in most industries and at all levels of the supply chain.  Our diverse experience also enables us to use cross-fertilization, bringing fruitful recommendations from one industry into your own.

Rounding out our approach to marketing is CEO augmentation. We become your "right-hand man" in marketing implementation. We integrate ourselves into your company by showing up onsite and actively listening to your team. We assign tangible deliverables and illuminate ROI to benchmark our work. Further, our clients appreciate their ability to confide in us, knowing they can call on us at anytime for feedback. As the scope of work changes, and markets evolve, we are flexible - ensuring we bring your vision to reality.




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Company Overview

marketing expertise for hire

We provide balanced strategies that deliver value to your customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture revenue and loyalty in return.  More details here.

technology development

We provide a full suite of web development services ranging from responsive web design,  mobile app development, application and systems architecture. More details here.

Expanding into the uae Market

Dubai and the UAE offer significant potential against equal risk. We provide services to gather intel on market feasibility and arrange meetings with buyers and distributors.  More details here.

non-profit Tithe

We follow a ten percent tithe, where proceeds from our service fees are donated to the Mentor Matchmaker Foundation. Founded by Brian, this 501(c)3 finds career mentors for survivors of sex trafficking and teaches them workforce development skills. 

Interactive training

We teach marketing managers the mindset and tactics behind lead generation through one-on-one and group training.  Our workshops have been received worldwide. More details here.

 In this article Brian Frankel explains what you can learn from experts in espionage to grow your business.

In this article Brian Frankel explains what you can learn from experts in espionage to grow your business.


Brian and his team are reliable and timely. Their tactics are effective, they are efficient with my budget, and I can see a positive return on my investment.
— Damon D'Amore, CEO at WayFounder