International Expansion

Minimize risk first

Our Strategy:

Entering Dubai, the UAE and USA markets poses an amount of risk as the culture and business environment are different from other countries. As startup operation investments are significant, the company must gather information before making a commitment.  Therefore, every company must answer these questions:

  1. Are my products and services suitable for the prospective country?
  2. How do I get into this market and how much will it cost?
  3. How much can I sell my products for?
  4. What is the current competition?
  5. What are the growth prospects?
  6. What is the legal framework?
  7. What are the duties?
  8. How will I grow the business in the new market when we are not based there?
  9. How do I develop the distributor and the business?

We created the service packages below to answer these questions for you. All of these services offer market feasibility for the UAE and USA.



How we work:

At the start of each month we will describe in detail the strategy and deliverables. All of our tactics are mapped out in a gantt chart for you to monitor. At the end of each month we will deliver a report detailing complete results.

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Service Packages


Distributor Identification and Meetings Package

Find distributors with relevant categories of products or channels of distribution or catering to the same target customers. We will find out the exact nature of their operation and assess if the company is suitable enough to be evaluated as a potential distributor for the client company. We will narrow down the distributors into a short list based on the following criteria: Products Range & Market Coverage, Distribution channels covered, Sales Organisation Structure, Interest & ability in distributing the products under consideration in UAE and USA.



  • Long list of potential distributors in the prospective country
  • Source senior level managers and decision makers and arrange appointments
  • Meet with the most suitable 3-5 distributors
  • Short list of distributors
  • Final list of distributors with company profiles
  • Meetings with distributors attended by our team
  • Accompany client for meetings
  • Preliminary information about Regulatory Framework
  • Municipality, Customs and Standards authority


Representative Office Services

Launch, promote and sell your products and services in the UAE/ USA via effective liaison with distributors and customers. Preferred sectors - FMCG, Energy, B2B



  • Market research to assess potential, route to market, competitors and price
  • Distributor Identification and Meetings Package
  • Recommendations for product sizing, pricing and labeling
  • Recommendations for pricing to accommodate distributor margins and marketing support
  • Marketing plan with sales targets and forecasts by channel and month
  • Recommendations for allocating marketing budget
  • Product training to distributor’s sales team
  • Develop and oversee distributor(s) and monitor market sales in line with forecast
  • Identify opportunities for business development and sales growth
  • Meet with customers and distributors when needed and return feedback to client
  • Identify, develop and monitor promotional activities in order to enhance brand's presence and ensure customer's satisfaction, in line with budget.
  • Set and follow-up on effective merchandising strategies in prospective markets to ensure that the products are optimally distributed & displayed in all outlets and consequently maximize customer purchases.
  • Recommend and implement contingency plans that are required to encounter situational market changes.
  • Develop effective relations with the appointed distributor through regular visits and constant contact with the persons in charge in order to ensure the proper identification of current or potential business opportunities and / or issues and recommend corrective actions in a timely manner.
  • Assure proper training to the distributors' staff on selling skills, products knowledge and customer care in order to promote sales and increase customer's’ satisfaction.
  • Conduct regular review meetings with the distributors' staff to ensure alignment and commitment.
  • Review the sales and distribution achievements of the distributor on a monthly basis to identify problems / opportunities and recommend corrective actions if and when needed.
  • Report on a monthly basis, sales and distribution achievements versus set targets and recommends any corrective actions, if needed.