Marketing Services

Quarterly Specials:

SEO Assessment and Action Plan $3,600 (Originally $4,000)

Right now there are people on Google searching for your services, but you are no where to be found. The customers are clicking on your competitors website, and you are losing business. In order to increase sales, you need a search engine optimization (SEO) plan. What makes our SEO plans more valuable than others, is that we think in terms of revenue, not just ranking alone. All of our tactics directly relate to sales. After all, the point of spending money on search engine advertising is to see a return on our investment.  This SEO plan includes:

1. Inbound link tactics such as sourcing, landing pages, reviews, social media, link swapping, press and alternative media.
2. On-page tactics such as tagging, internal linking and external linking. 
3. Research for tactical keywords, phrases and content.
4. Metrics for tracking success.

The final deliverable will be a documented plan with actionable tactics that you can implement on your own or retain us to execute for you. Please note that this plan covers the next 8 months, as this is the amount of time it takes to see results.

Business Plan $4,600 (Originally $5,000)

Investors give their money to companies with strong business plans. Try fundraising without one, and get berated with hard questions that trick you. If you are seeking financing from an investor, then you need to prove to them that you know every single thing about your business, industry and future - which will prove to them you are worth taking a risk on. We will create a business plan for you that focuses on profitability and operational excellence - which you need to show investors in order to get funding. We know how to write solid business plans because we are investors and have pitched to them. Investors want you to show them how you will get a 10x return on their investment, how much it costs you to get a sale and when you will break even. Our business plans include the following:

1. Go to market strategy and tactics
2. Financial Analysis
3. Problem and Solution Analysis
4. Customer Segmentation
5. Competitor Analysis
6. SWOT Analysis
7. Executive Summary

This business plan will also be the backbone for your pitch deck and business moving forward. You will use it to make sales decisions, benchmark monthly operations and minimize the time to profitability.

We specialize in:

New Business Development & Organic Growth Strategies
Achieve your objectives by understanding your customers needs, sorting by demographics, creating value, communicating information,  delivering satisfaction and extracting value.

Customer Validation and Acquisition
We combine Public Relations, Guerrilla and Online Marketing tactics to generate leads. and lower transaction costs. Our online capabilities include Social Media, SEO, PPC and Email Marketing.  Our style of Public Relations includes content creation, blogger partnerships, promotional premiums, public stunts and getting journalists to write about you.

Our menu of service offerings:


Search Engine Optimization

Public Relations

Video Marketing

Advertising (Pay-per-click)

Email Marketing

Content Marketing

Lead Generation

Reputation Management

Community Outreach and Development

Influencer Marketing/ Blogger Outreach


Promotional Premiums

Guerilla Marketing

Event Production

Talent wrangling

Joint Ventures

Business Model Generation

Business Planning

Video Production


Presentation Design (sales or investor pitch)