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Notable Engagements:

United States

SXSW 2016 - South by Southwest, Austin, TX
The Indus Entrepreneur - Orange County, CA
University of California, Los Angeles, CA
California State University, Los Angeles, CA
California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA
California State University, Northridge, CA
STEM Academy - Hollywood, CA
Circle of Change Leadership Conference - Los Angeles, CA
Communities in Schools - Los Angeles, CA
Valley Nonprofit Resources - Northridge, CA
Youth Business Alliance - Los Angeles, CA



Millennium Campus Network, Morocco
American University of Sharjah, UAE
Dubai Business Women Council
Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center, Sheera
Tech Valley Abbottabad‎, Pakistan
The Indus Entrepreneur, Dubai
The U.S. Embassy, Pakistan


Interactive Training Packages



Lead Generation Training

Lead generation requires a speed-to-revenue mindset, fail-fast hustle and sales outlook. Your marketing manager’s success will be attributed to tactics based on growth hacking, data-driven decision making and user-centric development. My interactive, one-on-one, training will review lead generation tactics to quickly generate prospective customers. Training includes one orientation (2 hours), five coaching sessions (1 hour) and a guidebook that covers the following tactics

  • Conversion funnels for immediate feedback and gaining traction
  • Target market maps for understanding consumers' deepest desires, wants, fears and purchase processes
  • Recipes to attack customer problems with form-gate content that’s personalized to our target market and presents solutions to their questions and problems
  • Tools to keep track of competition, alternative solutions, partners and trends
  • Decision making matrix for asset allocation and prioritizing funnels
  • Find shortcuts by partnering with external experts who are solving similar challenges
  • Using cross-fertilization of ideas to get a fresh outlook on lead generation
  • Learn where lead generation fits into and improves the sales cycle

The marketing manager will apply these learnings directly to their projects during our trainings. The training will NOT be a boring lecture, it is a "get work done" while learning engagement. The coaching sessions ensure accountability and can take place at the office or over Skype.



interactive Workshop

"Aggressive Startup Tactics"

"Aggressive Startup Tactics" is an interactive workshop on how to build a product, make money and raise funding. Time is against us when starting a company. The sooner we can "get to market" and find our "product-market fit" the sooner we can raise our first seed round of funding. We will cover the agile method for lean product development, business model generation, growth hacking tactics, how to create a competitive advantage, pricing strategies and fundraising. The audience will finish their list of user stories, a business model canvas, SWOT analysis, Relationship Action Plan, advertising copy, pricing survey, and pitch decks. 


interactive Workshop

"Six Shooter Advertising. YEEHAW!"

"Six Shooter Advertising. YEEHAW!" The land of online advertising is the new Wild West. All pioneers have an equal opportunity to strike gold with the right tools and systems when mining this new territory. Whether you are testing a startup idea or scaling your current business, online advertising is the only hard-data-driven marketing tactic for wrangling new customers and revenue. This interactive workshop will cover sales funnels, search engine and social media advertising, re-targeting and automation. Learn from a Los Angeles cowboy who has managed national advertising budgets and marketing campaigns for a variety of products and services. 



interactive Workshop

The Mentor Chain: Professional Relationships for Career Growth

"The Mentor Chain: Professional Relationships for Career Growth" is an overview of how to find and get the most out of mentor relationships. Entrepreneurs and leaders know why mentoring is important, but lack a systematic focus for choosing a good match. Learn specific methods for finding a professional mentor/ mentee, what to look for, problems to expect and questions to ask. The audience will also receive Mentor Matchmaker's worksheet on how to build a relationship that achieves career goals.

The Mentor Chain Sizzle


The Mentor Chain - Full workshop recording

Short video hype about the "Mentor Chain" workshops at the DBWC at the Dubai Chamber of commerce. All female entrepreneur audience. Emphasis on interactive workshop and audience participation with each other. 



interactive Workshop

"Public-Private Partnerships"

"Public and Private Partnerships" is workshop on how to create joint ventures that positively impact the community while generating revenue. Businesses are expected to use their resources for social responsibility and stay revenue focused, however, they lack the system for doing so. Based on his experience starting the non-profit, Mentor Matchmaker Foundation, Brian teaches specific methods to deliver value to the community, engage your staff and recruit key stakeholders to create lasting change. Participants receive trigger-ready tactics to create their own social initiatives, how to effectively partner with a local organization and how to translate their efforts into revenue.

Interactive Workshop Brian Frankel


Brian was recently published in the C-Suite Quarterly USA. His article, “Marketing Tactics Stolen from CIA and MI5 Operatives,” explains what you can learn from experts in espionage to grow your business: